Yes, we’ve all probably heard this saying a few times in our lives! But how much do we really pay attention to these words? There’s nothing closer to the truth than this right here.

When our health suffers, everything else along with it suffers too. We struggle to concentrate at work, feel overwhelmed by stress, become ill, and fall behind with our work… It’s a snowball effect. One thing impacts the other, and before we know it , we find ourselves in a state of health where we wish we’d listened to the early warning signs!

But that’s life, right? Wrong.

It’s imperative that we take the time to invest in ourselves by living a good lifestyle, making our general wellbeing and physical health a priority. We won’t only be feeling good physically, but emotionally we’ll feel like we’re on cloud nine. If you make living a good lifestyle a priority, you’ll do well in all areas of your life.

TC Direct is dedicated to helping improve the general wellbeing and physical health of our people by investing in a lifestyle network and range of products that are known to help boost mental morale, optimise physical health, and promote a good lifestyle. Our holistic approach to a good lifestyle and general wellness recognises the quality of our products and our expertise in physical wellbeing.

We’ve put together some helpful recommendations that promote living a good  lifestyle, improving physical health, and boosting mental wellness.

Mental health and wellbeing:

  • Ensure you get enough sleep daily. It is recommended that we get between 7-9 hours of sleep every night.
  • Take a walk to clear your mind of the daily stresses.
  • Spend some time ( just with your own thoughts) and reflect on your day.
  • Make some time for leisure activities to do the things that interest you, like a hobby. Go out and have some fun!
  • Ensure you keep your mind active by challenging it with a good puzzle, sudoku, or reading.
  • Have a network of f riends with strong emotional support systems that you can lean on. If you feel down or depressed, seek help early and talk to someone you trust.
  • Learn to say no and stop feeling that you may disappoint others if you do something for yourself. It’ s okay to put y ourself first sometimes.

Physical health:

  • You are never too old to start exercising. Even if you just take a brisk walk, you will be doing your body (and your heart) a huge favour!