Beauty from the inside out

Everyone has heard of the saying “beauty starts f rom the inside” – this is so true, and with good reason! Beauty really does start f rom the inside, and the great thing is that you have total control of what you nourish your body with. Taking supplements and nutrients can help support cellular health and regeneration, provides antioxidant protection, provide essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids; all of which are essential in helping to reduce free radical damage on the inside and ultimately resulting in wonderous effects all over the body. That’s what we all w ant, right?

African Potato with Fulvic Acid Tonic is an absolute must-have on your health agenda. This tonic acts as a natural antibiotic that helps supplements, medication, and everything else you eat and drink to work and be absorbed better. It also helps detox the body and rid it of heavy metals and other foreign substances trapped in the organs, cells and tissues. When the gut suffers f rom a build-up of toxins, the effects can be felt all over the body. And since the skin is our biggest organ, the effects of an unhealthy gut and system are often shown in the form of pimples and breakouts. You can help minimise this by ensuring a daily intake of African Potato with Fulvic Acid Tonic, eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, decreasing your intake of sugars and processed foods, and increasing your water intake to at least 8 glasses (2L) per day.

Start with a clean canvas Having the right skincare products is not enough. To get your skin looking and feeling its best, you need to use your skincare products daily and in the correct order. After all, why spend money on good quality products and not get the maximum benefit from it , right? Investing in the health of y our skin is the first step towards slowing down the ageing process, helping to prevent breakouts and to have radiant-looking skin. The better the condition of your skin, the better your foundation will look too.

The Skin Sense Oil Control range helps balance and control your skin’s surface oil and minimises the appearance of pores in an effortless routine, leaving your skin looking beautiful, mattified and radiant. This n on-comedogenic range is formulated with Kigelia Africana Tree extract and other active ingredients, making it effective in helping to reduce and prevent blemishes, reduce excess oil production and minimise skin inflammation.

Start off with the lightweight, Foaming 2-in-1 Balancing Cleanser to gently unclog and purify your pores. It is best to wash the face in the mornings and at night to ensure the skin is free from dead skin cells and excess oil. Use a cotton wool ball soaked in some facial toner to remove any excess product that may have been left behind on the skin. Finish off with the silky Day Cream or Night Serum. Th ese intensely hydrating moisturisers offer optimal hydration and mattify the skin without clogging the pores. Have a spot that needs some intensive care? We’ve got you covered. Eliminate that spot with the Intense Spot Control treatment and let Skin Sense work its magic.