Just like our physical health, we all have mental health, and it’s often a subject people get uptight about when brought up in conversations. But it needn’t be!

Our state of general mental health and wellbeing can range from happiness, positivity and serenity to feelings of stress, anxiety anger, frustration and fear. People do many things to help improve their physical health, but often do significantly less to take care of their mental health.

The COVID pandemic has undoubtedly made general mental health and wellness a public priority. And with rising cases of mental health issues during the pandemic, nurturing and taking care of your mental wellbeing should be a number-one priority.

The sad reality is that the psychological impact of the COVID pandemic is expected to linger for several years to come, and while we wait for brighter days on the horizon, we need to find ways to help us cope with the effects of it.

Self-care is at the top of TC Direct’s list when it comes to investing in general mental health and wellness. We live in a society with an underlying belief that we need to be productive every waking minute of the day, and how do we feed into this belief ? Well, we give up our vacation days, we work exceptionally long hours (outside the norm), etc.

This kind of behaviour steals any chance of engaging in self-care activities to prioritise our mental health and wellbeing.

Self-care can be as easy as asking for help when you need it, setting boundaries, forgiving yourself, staying at home, taking a step back, and putting yourself first. We want to encourage you to create a self-care routine that you can commit to, as it can help reduce or eliminate stress, anger, frustration, anxiety, and even improve your energy, mood and much more. In addition, studies have shown that self -care has numerous physical benefits for the human body , such as helping reduce your chances of a stroke, heart disease and cancer. Now that’s worth investing in a self -care routine, wouldn’t you say?

The stress of living with this lingering pandemic can cause many of us to live with anxiety. Over some time, this can severely impact the wellbeing of us all. TC Direct encourages you to explore new ways to help create self-care strategies and use them to help you cope if you are going through a difficult time. Take advantage of being together with your loved ones, talk about your stresses with someone you trust, and remember that YOU MATTER!